Saturday, 1 April 2017

On Whippets And Podencos

Hi, foxies! I have been doing quite a lot of art commissions lately! :) Recently, I have been hanging out with a lovely girl named Céline, who also happens to be Nami's godmother. Céline and her husband have two adorable dogs, a whippet called Dobby and a podenco called Floppy, and they commissioned me to make two illustrations for them to print on canvas fabric. The big idea behind this project was to give the illustrations a touch of "Hanna-Barbera", the animation studio behind Scooby Doo and The Flintstones, as Céline and Kevin used to love "Wacky Races" as a kid. With Kevin being a huge fan of airplanes, and Céline having a soft spot for Egyptian culture, we came up with these two cute ideas involving their two dogs, the Wacky Races cartoon, and all their favourite hobbies. I had so much fun with this! :D

Have a great weekend!


Floppy & Dobby #1, March 2017
Paint Tool Sai

Floppy & Dobby #2, March 2017
Paint Tool Sai