Sunday, 31 January 2016

This Girl Is On Fire

Aaah, I've so looked forward to this: the one and only ACA IT Solutions New Year party at Theodrôme! This year's theme was Soirée Rouge (Red Evening), and knowing that Niels' colleagues never hold back when it comes to dressing up, we really had to come up with something original. Niels dressed up as a can of Coke. Among the other guests were the Flash, a beautiful ladybug, a red traffic light, the Queen of Hearts, and Waldo. The food was delicious and Theadrôme treated us with a really cool burlesque show. The location was just perfect.

I wanted to create a cosplay outfit that I could also wear at a convention, especially since Made in Asia is coming up pretty soon. I decided to go with Flareon, one of the original 151 Pokémon. My mom and I went shopping for fabric, and it's thanks to her that this outfit came into existence! The ears were a huge challenge, as they were initially too big and fell down (Sad Flareon would also be a sweet cosplay idea, but it's not exactly what I had in mind). The tail and other yellow accents were also hand-made. I did the make-up all by myself (It's simple, but I'm incredibly proud of it), although I could not have done it without my friends' advice. :D I hope you like it!

See you around!


Flareon Cosplay, January 2016

Flareon Cosplay, January 2016

Sunday, 24 January 2016

All Grown Up

Hello, guys! Some of you might actually remember this drawing (and if you don't, you obviously need to visit my blog more often!). I made the pencil sketch a few weeks ago. This was my friend Elisa's request for Fabled Fox for Life, my creative fundraiser for the WAI-NOT website. Elisa came up with this lovely idea of drawing the Aristocats as fancy miladies and milords and I had SO much fun with it, that I eventually decided to make a digital painting, as well.

My new Wacom tablet is lovely, by the way. It is so light and it's even more pressure-sensitive than the Bamboo! I will continue to practice my digital painting skills. Digital brushes are so much fun, I can't believe I didn't try them out earlier. :)

See you soon!


Berlioz, January 2016
Paint Tool Sai 

Marie, January 2016
Paint Tool Sai 

Toulouse, January 2016
Paint Tool Sai

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Farewell, Professor Snape

Sad news. Alan Rickman passed away at the age of 69. We will remember him as the man who portrayed professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies. I read the first Harry Potter books before The Philosopher's Stone came out in theatres, and I instantly disliked some of the actors because they differed so much from the mental images that I had constructed. However, Alan Rickman was the perfect Snape. He gave Snape a voice and a body language that I couldn't have imagined myself. I was very shocked to hear that Rickman died. Maybe I thought he was immortal. The first thing I did after hearing the news, was grabbing a ballpoint pen and a piece of scrap paper. I made this sketch to say farewell to one of the greatest British actors of our time.

By the way, if you speak Dutch, feel free to have a look at my brand-new videogame blog Prinses Perzik (Princess Peach)! There will be new updates every 2-3 days. See you there!



Alan Rickman, January 2016
Ballpoint on paper

Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Four Seasons Of Le Mustache

So, I guess this little project has finally come to an end! My Winter paintings for Le Mustache have been printed on canvas and are currently decorating the walls of the best coffee bar in town. I am really grateful that Mutlu and Annelore gave me this opportunity and I really look forward to our next collaboration. By the way, the snow is a lie. We won't be seeing any snow this Winter, but I actually prefer it that way. ;)

Winter Moustaches, December 2015
Paint Tool Sai

Here's an overview of my eight moustache paintings. My favourite one is the second Winter moustache, but I also like the Spring set as a whole! My least favourite one must be the second Autumn moustache. I think the colours look a bit dull. So, what do you think? 

The Four Seasons of Le Mustache, 2015
Paint Tool Sai

I'm currently working very hard on the launch of my new blog, a Dutch videogame diary. It has been so much fun already! I will be sharing the link with you guys soon enough. Have a great day!