Sunday, 1 May 2016

What If Disney Animals Were Real People?

Lately, artists have been re-imagining Disney characters in many, MANY different ways. Think of Disney princesses who have been turned into handsome men, classic characters wearing today's fashion, an endless number of My Little Pony counterparts,... Well, I guess I've seen them all! :) Recently, my friend Eva showed me a series of drawings in which a number of Disney animals had been transformed into their humanized form. Oh my Bolt that is the best idea ever.

In this drawing, I show you my own attempt at humanizing the following characters: Marie (The Aristocats), Tumper (Bambi), Mushu (Mulan), Shenzi (The Lion King), Scar (The Lion King), and Pumbaa (The Lion King).

I did not use any references, except for the original Disney characters. My goal was to highlight some of the characters' key features, such as their hairstyle and body language. To be honest, I think that using colours would make them more easily recognizable. Think of red hair for Mushu and Pumbaa, grey and beige accents for Thumper, or Marie's pink ribbons. My personal favourite ones are Pumbaa and Mushu! They look so unique. :D What do you think?

See you!


What if Disney animals were real people?, May 2016
Pencil on paper

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