Saturday, 4 July 2015

Project Amigo: The Sequel

Oops. My blog has been rather dead over the past few weeks, but I was very busy playing Heavensward, Final Fantasy XIV's first big expansion! :D This includes: capturing Chocobos, playing hide and seek with Moogles (KUPO!), and beating a brand-new Extreme Primal with my amazing static. Good times. Anyway, let's get creative again! ;) Three weeks ago, I surprised some of my friends with a random pencil sketch. "Project Amigo" turned out to be a great success. Thanks a LOT for visiting my blog, everyone. :D Since my "victims" were so happy with the result (I swear some of them went literally crazy, and I certainly did not expect that), I have decided to give even more friends the "Amigo" treatment. And this will probably not be the last time. :) Stay tuned!

See you again soon,


Sofie, June 2015
Pencil on paper

Wesly, June 2015
Pencil on paper

Gilles, July 2015
Pencil on paper

Anneke, June 2015
Pencil on paper

Bea, July 2015
Pencil on paper

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