Sunday, 29 November 2015

Fabled Fox For Life

Hi, guys! You won't believe how much I've been drawing lately. This post contains a total of 13 sketches, so be warned! Of course, there's an important reason for my increased productivity. Two weeks ago, I started a new project called "Fabled Fox for Life" (I'm actually starting to use that nickname everywhere! It sounds so magical. :D And since my gaming buddies also call me "Fabled", it's getting really easy to identify myself with my pseudonym. *Insert happy fox face here*). Fabled Fox for Life is my one-man project for Music for Life, an annual Christmas campaign hosted by Studio Brussel, which is one of Belgium's most important radio stations. The whole idea behind Music for Life is to raise money for charity by organising sports activities, selling home-made waffles and cookies, hosting a pop quiz, etcetera.

My action on the Music for Life website, November 2015

I have decided to raise money for WAI-NOT, a Flemish organisation that provides a safe internet environment for people with a cognitive disability. WAI-NOT has been supporting my PhD and implements our latest pictograph translation tools on their website. I think the staff is really friendly and helpful, and it's awesome that they are trying to stimulate e-inclusion for people with disabilities, so I wanted to do something for them! :D So, what's the big idea? If you have been reading my blog, you might know that I have been surprising friends with customised pencil sketches. This time, people can actually order a drawing of themselves, their family, or their pet in exchange for money. Of course, this money will be donated to WAI-NOT by the end of my campaign.

My Facebook page, November 2015

First things first, I registered my action on the Music for Life website and created a Facebook page for my campaign. My Facebook page contains instructions on how to order a drawing, so please check it out if you're interested! :D I still got plenty of time to finish even more orders and I would be really happy to donate a fair amount of money to WAI-NOT. So far, I have finished 13 portraits, and raised about 300 euros. I guess that's not bad for a freelance artist. I still got some work to do, so I might actually set a new goal! 500 euros would be really cool. :D Guys, please help me out!

Studio Brussel called me last week to talk about my project. I did not expect that and almost fell off my office chair. They seemed happy with the whole idea behind my project and asked me if I would like to visit the Music for Life studio during the big event. I think it would be a very good idea to say hi and tell people about WAI-NOT on the radio. :)

I'm in need of more requests at the moment (or maybe I worked a bit too hard), but I'm hoping to update you again soon. Until then, see you around!


Fabled Fox for Life, November 2015
Pencil on paper

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