Saturday, 12 December 2015

Fabled Fox For Life: The Journey Continues

So, here we are. We have almost reached the end of "Fabled Fox for Life", my creative fundraiser for the WAI-NOT organisation! :) I have to admit, it has been such a weird month. In a good way, mostly. First of all, I have been drawing non-stop for almost five weeks, which means that people actually wanted to pay money for my art and support my cause. I certainly did not expect that and I am really thankful for this opportunity. I don't know yet exactly how much money I have raised, especially since some people still need to pay for their drawing, but I will be able to share the "happy ending" with you guys soon enough. :) Also, a lot of requests came from unexpected sources! It was so much fun to get to know people better and I hope they realise that I really appreciate their support.

Studio Brussel called me for a live interview on the radio. My boyfriend Niels and friend Jonas recorded the session. We talked about skiing mustaches (obviously) and the WAI-NOT organisation. It was really awesome! You can listen to the (Dutch) interview here:

Vandaag werd Fabled Fox for Life opgebeld door Studio Brussel! Skiënde snorren? Yes, baby!

I finished a total of 27 "traditional" requests and two "digital" ones. Actually, there were more of them, but I simply couldn't accept them all. These weeks have been so hectic, and all I did after work was drawing until I fell asleep. So I certainly did my best! :D The "traditional" requests have become more and more original: cartoons, realistic drawings, grown-up Aristocats, a Flareon, a picture of myself and my cousins, a picture in memory of people or animals who have passed away, and so on. The digital requests involved a Christmas card for the Red Cross and a birth announcement card for my friends. Obviously, I cannot post the birth announcement card yet, as it contains top-secret information! ;) But no worries, I will be able to share it with you guys soon enough.

My next post will officially conclude the Fabled Fox for Life action. You can expect some numbers (YAY FOR NUMBERS!) and some thankyouverymuches. :) See you soon, guys!


Christmas Card for the Red Cross, Fabled Fox For Life, December 2015
Paint Tool Sai

Fabled Fox for Life, December 2015
Pencil on paper

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