Sunday, 6 March 2016


2016 is a very special year for geeks who simply refuse to grow up! The first Pokémon games, Red & Blue (or Green in Japan) were released exactly 20 years ago. It's weird to think that this franchise is still alive and kicking. And while we, veterans, might not be too crazy about the newest generations of Pokémon, the television episodes are still a big hit amongst Belgian children. A few months ago, I was wearing a custom-made Pokémon bag during my "Draw With the Flow" workshop and two kids instantly recognized Fennekin, one of the more recent starter Pokémon. When I told them that my friends have been very big fans of the series for over 15 years and that we still like to play the Pokémon games, they were really surprised! SO. CUTE.

About one week ago, Nintendo released Pokémon Red and Blue in the 3DS eShop. I grabbed the Blue version for 10 euros. It is just wonderful to see that the game is still as charming as ever. The graphics might be very outdated, but the gameplay formula never gets old. In fact, the formula has never changed. So, here is my modest tribute to the old games: six Pokémon doodles. Drawn with my Eevee pencil, under the supervision of Raichu and Leafeon, two of my favourite Pokémon! I can't wait for another 20 amazing years.

See you soon!


Pokémon doodles, March 2016
Pencil on paper

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