Sunday, 23 August 2015

Part Of The Job

July has been such a wonderful month! My colleagues and I wrote three scientific papers on the Picto translation system, and all of them have been accepted for publication (Thank you so much, anonymous reviewers! I would love to send you a large box of cookies, but I don't know who you are!). Unfortunately, both the SLPAT conference (in Dresden) and the ENLG conference (in Brighton) will be held on September 11. Even worse, I will be giving a presentation in Leuven on that exact same day. That means I will have to stay home. :P No Bratwurst or English beaches for me...

My colleagues will be presenting a scientific poster at the conferences. Since I'm our office's unofficial "graphic designer" (I might be the only person in our office who actually really loves messing around with graphics), I designed both the SLPAT poster and the ENLG poster.

The ENLG poster is vintage- and England-themed. The SLPAT poster, with its comic book design, is a recycled version of my LOT 2015 poster. The LOT Summer school was held in Leuven last June, and somehow, I managed to win the LOT poster prize. One colourful poster a day keeps the scientific dullness away. ;) I will definitely continue to design flashy posters!

I am also really honored that my awesome friend (and office mate) Liesbeth asked me to design the cover of her PhD thesis, which she finished last week. She has been investigating verb clusters in Dutch. Sharing an office with Liesbeth is the best thing ever, and I know that she's a very hard worker. Congratulations, Liesbeth! :D I am looking forward to your defence in October.

See you again soon,


SLPAT Poster, August 2015
Adobe Photoshop CS

ENLG Poster, August 2015
Adobe Photoshop CS

PhD Thesis Cover for Liesbeth, August 2015
Adobe Photoshop CS

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