Tuesday, 11 August 2015

I Don't Tan, I Burn

Mr. and Mrs. Mustache and their two adorable coffee beans (Please note that I'm trying to refer to their children here, thank you very much) are going to catch some sun, so Le Mustache will be closed for two weeks. Two. Whole. Weeks. That means I will need to find my coffee elsewhere. Either that, or I will die. :(

This colourful illustration was requested by Le Mustache and posted on their Facebook page. There are four hidden moustaches (although that big, black moustache on the pelican's beak is probably rather easy to find!). I'm also excited that I finally got around to drawing a red panda lady. Isn't she a fluffy one? :)

In the meantime, I've been working on a secret project for Annelies' wedding. The two lovebirds are very happy (sooperdooper happy, actually) with the result. I will definitely post everything on my blog after the wedding. Until then, stay tuned! :)

 Summertime, August 2015
Paint Tool Sai

Front door of Le Mustache

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