Sunday, 16 August 2015

"Team Coopcake" Strikes Again!

What makes amazing friends even more amazing? Their love for cupcake decoration, of course! Eva and Pieter-Jan were in desperate need of some cupcake therapy, so we spent the whole afternoon and evening trying to design and create a series of colourful tartlets. It's really cool to see how much progress we are making! :) The designs are getting more and more complex, the sugar paste looks really clean, and we have been adding a lot of details. Next time, we might even work together on a big project: one huge cake!

We didn't really have a global theme this time (I guess we're finally starting to run out of cool Pokémon designs), although my own cupcakes were game-related: Sonic, Lion Sora, Teddie, a Carbuncle, and a White Mage. I think the White Mage is my personal favourite. It is my main class in Final Fantasy XIV, after all, and I'm still hoping to create my own White Mage cosplay in the near future. 

See you soon! :)


All cupcakes. Made by Leen, Eva, and Pieter-Jan. :)
August 2015

Sonic cupcake
August 2015

White Mage cupcake (Final Fantasy)
August 2015

Lion Sora cupcake (Kingdom Hearts)
August 2015

Teddie cupcake (Persona 4)
August 2015

Carbuncle cupcake (Final Fantasy XIV)
August 2015

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