Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Meet Theofiel

Last week, a kindergarten teacher asked me to draw a baby dragon for her school's "differentiation project". I am not familiar with that concept (Heck, I only remember doing hundreds of puzzles at kindergarten!), but I am told that the dragon is used as some kind of symbol. The fact that the symbol is a dragon has to do with the school's "knights and castles" theme. There are three similar-looking, yet slightly different characters. Each dragon has its own particular meaning, which corresponds to a specific working method. The children are allowed to choose one dragon "to work with":
  1. Dragon with ears, open mouth, wings closed: Work together with the teacher
  2. Dragon with ears, closed mouth, wings slightly opened: Listen to the teacher for a little while, then work independently afterwards
  3. Dragon without ears, closed mouth, wings opened: Work independently, but help children from the second group
Apparently, the kids named my dragon "Theofiel". Pretty good name for a baby dragon, I'd say. :D I wish Theofiel and the children a wonderful school year!


Theofiel, September 2015
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