Saturday, 26 December 2015

Fabled Fox For Life: A Happy Ending

Hi, guys! I'm very happy to announce that my creative fundraiser "Fabled Fox for Life" has come to an end. This project has been much more intense than I had initially expected or anticipated it to be. But don't get me wrong, I'm really happy! :D Thanks to my family and friends, I managed to raise a total of 800 euros. I made over 30 drawings in less than 5 weeks - that must be a personal record for sure. Even though I sometimes had absolutely no creative energy left after working hours, I know that this was all worth it. WAI-NOT is a small organisation with very big dreams!

Fabled Fox for Life, December 2015

Thank you, Niels, mom, and dad for sharing my project with the outside world and supporting me ("What the hell did you get yourself into this time?"). Thank you, WAI-NOT, for supporting my PhD research project. Thank you, Studio Brussel, for the awesome interview. And a big thank you to all my contributors (in order): mom and dad, Micheline, Marcia, Caroline, Tim and Tori, Ruth, Ann and Patrick, Anneleen, Sanne, Elke M., Peter, Dorien, Stefan, Fien, Elisa, Sofie, Pascale, Pieter-Jan, Valérie and Bart, Annelies, Liesbeth, Anja and Rudi, Elke D., Valerie H., Tony, aunt Renate and uncle Bart!

Oh, before I forget! Studio Brussel actually allowed me to pick a song to play on the radio. :D On Christmas Day! I couldn't be more excited to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. You can listen to my little monologue here. But be warned, as I might be speaking some kind of alien language (or Dutch). :)

Vandaag mocht ik mijn liedje aanvragen op Studio Brussel. <3
Geplaatst door Leen Sevens op vrijdag 25 december 2015

OKAY! What shall we do next year? Be sure to contact me if you have any cool suggestions! A LAN party seems nice, so Niels and I might look into that option. Geek on and see you next time.


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