Thursday, 5 January 2017

Here's My Raise Spell, So Come Back Maybe?

Guys! GUYS! I finally did it! I finished my very first Worbla-based cosplay weapon! Say hello to my Thyrus relic. This used to be my character's main weapon in Final Fantasy XIV until the Heavensward expansion came out. With the Thyrus appearing on most official FFXIV artwork, it is probably the most iconic White Mage weapon in the game.

I made this Thyrus for my White Mage cosplay, which is still an overall work in progress. I am getting a lot of help from my mother and grandmother because, honestly, I really suck at sewing and stitching. But the robe is almost done, my Miqo'te ears have arrived, and I already bought the perfect pair of boots. :D Things are starting to look really good!

I highly enjoyed experimenting with the acrylic paint. I haven't used real paint since high school! Following Kamui Cosplay's wonderful advice, I applied highlights and shading to some areas to create an illusion of depth. My parents also bought me three amazing tutorial books from Kamui Cosplay for Christmas and I really can't wait to start working on my next Worbla project! Yay!

See you soon,


Thyrus (FFXIV White Mage Weapon), January 2017
Worbla, foam, and acrylics

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