Thursday, 29 December 2016

Cupcake Level: Nintendo-Senpai Noticed Us!

Don't you just love the Pokémon Sun and Moon games and anime? I certainly do! :D I have been a huge fan of the Pokémon series since 1999 - that's when the first games came out in Europe - but to me, it is also a very big relief to see that finally some interesting changes were made to the franchise! Don't get me wrong, the concept of Pokémon never gets old, but the new games have such a captivating storyline, are way less predictable (No more gyms, but surprisingly funny and challenging fights against Totem Pokémon and Island Kahunas instead), and offer some much-needed improvements over long-established, outdated gameplay elements, such as those pesky Hidden Machines that used to take up all of your Pokémons' move slots. Blegh, evil Hidden Machines.

Along with the Sun and Moon games and anime, a bunch of new Pokémon were introduced, and some of the old Pokémon were given a "regional variant" or Alolan form. So, of course, I had to invite my good old cupcake team over to my house in order to consume a lifelong supply of snacks and cookies, enjoy hot chocolate with marshmallows, and design and create another colourful series of Pokémon-themed cupcakes! Eva, Lisa, and I made Pokémon Sun and Moon cupcakes, including some of the new Alolan forms, while Sam decided to do his own thing. ;) His loss, because - believe it or not - Nintendo Belgium somehow discovered our cupcakes on Facebook, and shared them on their Instagram account! :D Well, most of them. Not Sam's cupcakes, of course. That's what you get for being stubborn, Sam! In any case, this is probably the highlight of our cupcake career. *Takes a bow*

I'm looking forward to our next cupcake adventures. :D And if all goes wrong in life, my friends and I will open a cupcake store, I swear.

Bye, guys!


All cupcakes. Made by Leen (first row), Eva (second row), Lisa (third row), and Sam (last row)!

Rowlet cupcake (Pokémon)
December 2016

Litten cupcake (Pokémon)
December 2016

Alolan Raichu cupcake (Pokémon)
December 2016

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