Sunday, 12 April 2015

"Dromeria: Lode" Fell Out Of The Sky

Yesterday was a big day for me! It was the official release date of "Dromeria: Lode", the second "big" Dromeria adventure. The text was written by Marc Geyens, and I brought the story to life by taking care of the illustrations. The book took me more than 150 hours to finish, so I was very excited to see the final product (I think the picture speaks for itself). :D

Presenting "Dromeria: Lode" at a book fair in Leuven, April 2015

Our publisher, Uitgeverij Het Punt, hosted a book fair in Leuven. More than 25 authors showed up to present their work. I've met some wonderful people (make sure to check out Sofie's poetry blog!), including several authors and illustrators that I had not seen for more than a year (Christina Guirlande, Sandrine Lambert, Mirte Wolfs, and Kirsten Oppalfens), and I had a lovely chat with some of the visitors, who told me that my drawings looked very appealing. :D Friends and family members even showed up to surprise me. It was a fantastic day!

The three Dromeria books: a friendship book, "Dromeria: Lode", and "Dromeria: Biggie"

"Dromeria: Lode" tells the story of Lode, a rhyming mailman. Biggie the pig wants Lode to deliver a letter, but the ever-confused stork gets distracted, and returns to Dromeria without delivering the message at all. The book contains a total of 41 drawings (20 big illustrations, 20 small illustrations, and the cover art), and features many of my friends' real-life pets, such as Clio the cat, Choco the guinea pig, and Zita the sighthound. This time, I decided to use thinner lines, so I could cover more details (Seriously, so many feathers!). And since many of the scenes are located in the sky, I spent a lot of time figuring out some nice colour patterns. :D I really hope that people can tell the difference.

One of the 20 big story-related illustrations in "Dromeria: Lode", February 2015
Paint Tool Sai

If you would like to order the book, please send me a message. "Dromeria: Lode" will also be available for purchase on De Leeswinkel, and in several Belgian bookstores. Again, I would like to thank everyone for their support. I couldn't do it without you, guys!

See you soon. :)


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