Monday, 6 April 2015

RedditGetsDrawn: Could You Draw Me?

About one year ago, I joined a Subreddit named RedditGetsDrawn (RGD). Reddit is an entertainment, social networking, and news website, where registered community members can submit content (Thanks, Wikipedia!). RGD, more specifically, is a page where people can post a picture of themselves or a loved one. The whole idea behind RGD is that Redditors can browse the picture database, choose one that they like, and make a nice drawing of that person, without asking anything in return.

These are some of the drawings that I made for random people on RGD. All of them were very happy with the result. :D I'm also posting the original picture of the person who wanted to get drawn, as a matter of comparison. These pictures were already made public by the users themselves. Most drawings were made with Paint Tool Sai and took me about 1.5 hours to finish.

Have a great day!


Buttons_arent_toys, January 2014
Paint Tool Sai

TheJester190, January 2014
Paint Tool Sai

Houseboatbabies, January 2014
Paint Tool Sai

Katilynberg, January 2014
Paint Tool Sai

Tyko, January 2014
Paint Tool Sai

EvilDeceiver, February 2014
Paint Tool Sai

Jayzeed_666, March 2014

Blubbership4, May 2014
Paint Tool Sai

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