Sunday, 19 April 2015


"Lilo & Stitch" is probably one of my favourite Disney movies of all time. I remember watching the video over and over again, and I also bought tons of Stitch goodies in Disneyland when the movie came out. Needless to say, I don't ever plan on throwing those goodies away. :) About half a year ago, Niels even managed to get me an adorable Stitch stuffed animal from a Luna Park in Leuven. He hasn't moved from my bed ever since (Oh, those silly pronouns and their ambiguity)! Although I have to admit that "Lilo & Stitch" does not have an earth-shaking plot, it tells a beautiful story about friendship, family and self-acceptance.

Drawing Stitch turned out to be quite difficult when I was younger. This is probably my first attempt in years, and it took me about 3 hours to finish the drawing. I actually gave Stitch a bit of a personal touch: his face is much rounder, and his eyes are much bigger. I am aware of that, but I think it looks pretty cute on him! :D Similar to the "Vivi Ornitier" that I drew earlier this month, I used big, rough brushes, and an absolute minimum of sharp lines. I'm still not used to drawing backgrounds, but reference pictures are really a big help. I honestly think I never looked at plants this way before! Backgrounds used to be my biggest enemy, but I think I am finally becoming a bit more patient. I hope you like the result. :)

Have a nice week!


Ohana, April 2015
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