Sunday, 24 May 2015


Do you know that feeling when you discover an amazing TV show and you just want the whole world to know how much you adore the story and the characters? ❤ This is basically what happened to me a little while ago, when Netflix suggested me to watch the animated series "BoJack Horseman". BoJack tells the story of an anthropomorphic horse who used to be the big star of a 1990s sitcom. He's grown very bitter over the years, but eventually decides to plan his big return with a biography that he dictates to his ghostwriter. The first three episodes are not particularly funny, and I actually had strong doubts about the series' originality. But I was very surprised to discover that the characters aren't as "flat" as they initially seemed. On the contrary, the plot is incredibly deep, and some events left me literally quiet for a few minutes (And believe me, that doesn't happen a lot!). Needless to say, I was overly excited when the second season was announced earlier this week. #BoJackIsBack on July 17! Hooray!

Many of BoJack Horseman's characters are animals, which often reminded me of the amazing "Blacksad" universe. I'm a very big fan of anthropomorphism! One of my favourite characters is Charlotte the deer, with whom BoJack was once in love. At one point in the series, BoJack imagines an alternate life where, instead of becoming a television star, he moves to Maine with Charlotte. It is probably one of my favourite scenes in the whole series. Charlotte's design is simply stunning, and it's rather sad that she is "just" a minor character.

In any case, this is my tribute to BoJack Horseman! :D I really love art nouveau, so I did another attempt at mimicking Alphonse Mucha's style (He is still one of my favourite artists ever!). I really hope you like the result.

See you soon!


Charlotte the Deer, May 2015
Paint Tool Sai

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