Sunday, 10 May 2015

Poster Girl

Did you know that posters are actually of great importance within the academic world? Well, neither did I, but it was a pleasant surprise for me! :D Basically, when your paper gets accepted for a conference, you will either have to give a lecture on the topic of your paper, or design a poster and stand next to it for a little while. It gives you the opportunity to talk to people about your research. Not only do I enjoy being able to speak face-to-face to other researchers, designing the actual poster is such a fun thing to do! Although not everybody agrees on that, of course. ;) Below, you can find one of my recent posters, which I presented at the CLIN conference in Antwerp. It does not contain a lot of text, since I would also be giving a presentation on the same topic afterwards. Personally, I am very fond of the combination of blue-grey (Fun fact of the day: another name for this colour is "livid"!) and flashy colours.

Poster "Text2Picto" for CLIN, Antwerp, February 2015
Paint Tool Sai (drawing) and Adobe Photoshop CS

Say what? There is a person in our faculty that actually likes to design posters? Holy guacamole! Shortly after CLIN, and thanks to my co-promotor, I was asked to design the official poster for "Dag van het Onderzoek", also known as "Research Day". Research Day is a yearly event hosted by the Linguistics department of the Arts faculty. It consists of a series of lectures, and this year's theme is "Linguistic Theories", concerning the confrontation and reconciliation between alternative theories in different linguistic domains. Indeed, that sounded like the perfect opportunity to draw a lightsaber battle-inspired poster! The illustration shows two young researchers who are playfully crossing their pencils. The pencils represent different linguistic theories. 

Poster "Dag van het Onderzoek" for KU Leuven, April 2015
Paint Tool Sai (drawing) and Adobe Photoshop CS

This is probably the most violent poster in our department's history. I'm very proud to have contributed to that fact. Wait, what? Maybe I should just be happy that my university allows me to draw Star Wars-inspired posters for official events. :)

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