Saturday, 30 May 2015

Moustaches: Little Wings For Your Nose

Living and working in the beautiful city centre of Leuven has its perks. There is always an opportunity to try out the newest sushi bars, ice cream parlours, and coffee houses! :) When I first came to Leuven six years ago, there were only two or three coffee houses that I knew of. I used to go there once or twice a week, but those places were usually very crowded (Just imagine a city with over 30,000 students that are in desperate need of some caffeine, and you get the picture!). Luckily, more and more coffee houses started appearing over the years, and Leuven's most recent addition is Le Mustache. They serve mind-blowing Lattes (Cookies Mookies Latte!), Turkish specialities, and delicious bagels at great prices. The owner, Mutlu, has an adorable daughter who turned out to be crazy about Disney's Frozen (She showed all her Frozen goodies to me!). That's why I decided to draw princess Elsa for her. And her father couldn't be more excited! :)

Mutlu then asked me to join a big project, which would require me to design eight digital paintings, two for each season of the year. All paintings would, of course, feature a beautiful moustache. I happily agreed to give it a try. And this is the result! :D My Spring Moustaches are now displayed in Le Mustache. I am very thankful for this great opportunity and I plan on finishing my Summer Moustaches by the end of this week, so we are ready to welcome the new season on June 21.

Thanks to Mutlu, I've got another great project coming up! You will probably hear more about it in a few weeks. :) Until then, you should really go drink a few cups of coffee at Le Mustache (Tiensestraat 129, 3000 Leuven). Nom nom nom! See you there?


Spring Moustaches, May 2015
Paint Tool Sai

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