Saturday, 16 January 2016

Farewell, Professor Snape

Sad news. Alan Rickman passed away at the age of 69. We will remember him as the man who portrayed professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies. I read the first Harry Potter books before The Philosopher's Stone came out in theatres, and I instantly disliked some of the actors because they differed so much from the mental images that I had constructed. However, Alan Rickman was the perfect Snape. He gave Snape a voice and a body language that I couldn't have imagined myself. I was very shocked to hear that Rickman died. Maybe I thought he was immortal. The first thing I did after hearing the news, was grabbing a ballpoint pen and a piece of scrap paper. I made this sketch to say farewell to one of the greatest British actors of our time.

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Alan Rickman, January 2016
Ballpoint on paper

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