Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Four Seasons Of Le Mustache

So, I guess this little project has finally come to an end! My Winter paintings for Le Mustache have been printed on canvas and are currently decorating the walls of the best coffee bar in town. I am really grateful that Mutlu and Annelore gave me this opportunity and I really look forward to our next collaboration. By the way, the snow is a lie. We won't be seeing any snow this Winter, but I actually prefer it that way. ;)

Winter Moustaches, December 2015
Paint Tool Sai

Here's an overview of my eight moustache paintings. My favourite one is the second Winter moustache, but I also like the Spring set as a whole! My least favourite one must be the second Autumn moustache. I think the colours look a bit dull. So, what do you think? 

The Four Seasons of Le Mustache, 2015
Paint Tool Sai

I'm currently working very hard on the launch of my new blog, a Dutch videogame diary. It has been so much fun already! I will be sharing the link with you guys soon enough. Have a great day!


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