Sunday, 24 January 2016

All Grown Up

Hello, guys! Some of you might actually remember this drawing (and if you don't, you obviously need to visit my blog more often!). I made the pencil sketch a few weeks ago. This was my friend Elisa's request for Fabled Fox for Life, my creative fundraiser for the WAI-NOT website. Elisa came up with this lovely idea of drawing the Aristocats as fancy miladies and milords and I had SO much fun with it, that I eventually decided to make a digital painting, as well.

My new Wacom tablet is lovely, by the way. It is so light and it's even more pressure-sensitive than the Bamboo! I will continue to practice my digital painting skills. Digital brushes are so much fun, I can't believe I didn't try them out earlier. :)

See you soon!


Berlioz, January 2016
Paint Tool Sai 

Marie, January 2016
Paint Tool Sai 

Toulouse, January 2016
Paint Tool Sai

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