Sunday, 31 January 2016

This Girl Is On Fire

Aaah, I've so looked forward to this: the one and only ACA IT Solutions New Year party at Theodrôme! This year's theme was Soirée Rouge (Red Evening), and knowing that Niels' colleagues never hold back when it comes to dressing up, we really had to come up with something original. Niels dressed up as a can of Coke. Among the other guests were the Flash, a beautiful ladybug, a red traffic light, the Queen of Hearts, and Waldo. The food was delicious and Theadrôme treated us with a really cool burlesque show. The location was just perfect.

I wanted to create a cosplay outfit that I could also wear at a convention, especially since Made in Asia is coming up pretty soon. I decided to go with Flareon, one of the original 151 Pokémon. My mom and I went shopping for fabric, and it's thanks to her that this outfit came into existence! The ears were a huge challenge, as they were initially too big and fell down (Sad Flareon would also be a sweet cosplay idea, but it's not exactly what I had in mind). The tail and other yellow accents were also hand-made. I did the make-up all by myself (It's simple, but I'm incredibly proud of it), although I could not have done it without my friends' advice. :D I hope you like it!

See you around!


Flareon Cosplay, January 2016

Flareon Cosplay, January 2016

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