Monday, 5 December 2016

Why Scientific Posters Are Dangerous For Me: A Brief Essay

Hi, guys! I completely forgot that I really wanted to share something slightly more scientific with you. Put on your nerd glasses and see what happens when you ask me to give a scientific poster presentation at a conference workshop (*SEM at ACL) in Berlin. You might already know that I really enjoy designing scientific posters for Academia (Read all about it here and here!), but it looks like things are getting a tiny bit out of hand now. My latest poster looks like a fricking coffee table. It has an apple, a cup of coffee, a notebook, a magnifying glass, and some Post-It notes. Oh, and the results of my research are on there somewhere, as well.

To be honest, I can't stop laughing when I think back of the moment when I put up this A0-sized poster during one of the conference's coffee breaks at the Humboldt University. I grabbed a cup of tea and watched my poster from afar, only to see conference delegates flocking to the poster. Some people even started making pictures! And while I actually wasn't supposed to give my poster presentation until the next coffee break, I simply had to approach the secret admirers and ask them if they wanted to talk about my research. I stood there for almost three hours and it was my best poster presentation experience so far. The feedback was amazing! You see, I really take my job and research very seriously, but I guess it doesn't hurt to bring some colour to our world. :)

See you around~!


*SEM Poster, August 2016
Adobe Photoshop CS

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