Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Adventure Is Just Outside Your Window

Hi, foxies! Remember those animal-themed window paintings I made back in October 2015? Time sure flies! Mutlu, the owner of Le Mustache, turned out to be so happy with his coffee-drinking furry creatures, that he did not wash the windows until February 2017. That's right, 14 months later, my drawings were still there - although the fox' window had suffered from a very bad accident with a truck, and had to be replaced. That poor fancy fox!

About one month ago, we all agreed that our favourite coffee business needed a well-deserved make-over. Mutlu removed the old paintings - finally, after all these months, he had the chance to wash the windows. That must have been a very big relief, I can imagine! I worked all day long to paint a fox (In loving memory of the fox who passed away after being hit by a truck), a cat, a pelican, and a tiny snail. I swear, that fancy snail is definitely my favourite one. :) I had a lovely day - the friendly staff of Le Mustache offered me free coffee and bagels all day long. Heaven has a name, and it is located at Tiensestraat 129!

Shout-out to the friends who paid me a visit! Fernando, Andrew, Sterre, you rock! Let's have some more bagels and lattes together soon!



Window Paintings (Inside)
February 2017

Window Paintings (Outside)
February 2017

Me at Work! :)
February 2017

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