Friday, 10 March 2017

Dromerian Dreams

Hi, guys! It's Throwback Friday! ... Okay, I'm lying. I simply forgot to write this update, so I'm doing it today. For real. Bear with me guys, bear with me.

The really cool art-related "news" that I definitely wanted to share with you, is the fact that I was an invited illustrator at the Boekenbeurs in Antwerpen, Belgium's biggest book fair, back in November 2016. Even though I had not illustrated any new books since the release of "Dromeria: Lode" in 2015, Het Punt decided to give me yet another opportunity to sign the Dromeria books and draw a bunch of happy animals for little kids (Kids these days seriously have the weirdest "favourite animals" ever, I tell you!). It was a great day, and I am already looking forward to the release of Katwalk!

Bye! :)


Boekenbeurs 2016, November 2016

Katwalk advertisement, November 2016

Flo sketch, November 2016

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