Thursday, 16 March 2017

Fantastic Pokémon And Where To Find Them

A few months ago, I joined a local Pokémon GO group. I used to be an active member, sharing interesting spawn locations, posting funny pictures of Pokémon hanging out around our famous landmarks (or drowning in a glass of wine), and making lots of new friends at the Oude Markt, where three lure modules would be activated aaaaall day long: having a beer, while talking to other Pokémon fans, while catching 'em all. Those were the days, I swear! :) It was back then when I also met a really sweet girl who loved Pokémon and art just as much as I do. Her name is Sterre, and we're best friends now!

Ever since, Sterre has been surprising me with random visits, presents, cookies, and art. She turned 26 in February, so I decided to give her something personal in return. I made her a Fantastic Beasts package, including a Newt Scamander Funko Pop, a "build-your-own-Niffler" kit, and a Fantastic Beasts logbook, in which I already drew 10 really cool Beasts (our pets, her boyfriend, and all her favourite fictional creatures). :) Each creature (I'm so sorry, Vincent!) was accompanied by a number of funny, random facts. Our goal is to fill the whole notebook by the age of 80. I wonder how many Beasts we will encounter in our lives!

See you soon! *Waves enthusiastically*


Fantastic Beasts: Sterre's Birthday Logbook, February 2017
Pencil on paper

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