Friday, 17 March 2017

I'm Bringing Sexy Bag

Achievement unlocked: design your first conference bag! The Centre for Computational Linguistics celebrated its 25th anniversary, and on top of that, we hosted the 27th Conference on Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands. Both events were a huge success: we attracted over 175 participants. I think the city of Leuven has never been this computationally linguistic before! We had a blast. I was responsible for designing and updating the websites and social media pages, handling the registrations, and designing the conference bag. Because every conference, of course, needs a sexy conference bag. My goal was to design a bag with a long life span - I hope it's the perfect bag for grocery shopping! :)

CLIN27 and CCL25 conference bag, February 2017
Designed in Photoshop

On top of that, my colleague Tom Vanallemeersch and I participated in the Shared Task on automated normalisation of Dutch historical texts. Our translation system turned out to perform quite well on unseen data. We even made it into the top 5, and we were asked to present the architecture of our normalisation engine at the CLIN27 conference. Welp, yet another scientific poster! It never stops. This particular design was inspired by historical texts and parchment - I really didn't have much time to think this one through, but it seemed like an obvious choice! :) Unfortunately, I was giving a presentation at another conference during the poster session. Hopefully, I can recycle this one soon!

See you!


CLIN27 Shared Task scientific poster, February 2017
Adobe Photoshop CS

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