Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Big Draw #1: Window Painting

Hi, guys! I've had the most awesome week. :D The Big Draw, the world's biggest drawing festival, finally came to Leuven. Thanks to the lovely people from KUNSTWERKT, I was involved in some of The Big Draw's main activities. I would like to dedicate my first The Big Draw post to "The Big Window Walk", a really cool project under the organisation of the very talented Sarah Vierstraete. More than 100 artists made window paintings for the many shops, bars, and restaurants in the city centre of Leuven. And everything looks so darn good.

Mutlu from coffee bar Le Mustache asked me to do his window, so I took one day off to make my painting. It took me more than 9 hours (Not including the 5 hours of preparatory work!), but we're very happy with the result. :D In the end, I didn't have enough time to draw the fancy pelican, but we do have a fox, a cat, and an owl. They all have a moustache and a cup of coffee. The reactions of the customers have been pretty overwhelming for me. Mutlu even got interviewed by a radio station! Overall, it was a great day, filled with great coffee. :)

I have been incredibly busy with art-related stuff lately, so you can expect many more posts soon! :D Until then, stay tuned.


Preparations for the window painting, October 2015
Paint Tool Sai

Full window painting, October 2015

Cat window painting, October 2015

Owl window painting, October 2015

Fox window painting, October 2015

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