Friday, 16 October 2015

The Big Draw #2: Picto

Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for this sudden increase in page views. I sincerely hope you're not all bots. And even if you are, I actually really love robots, so you can stay just a little while longer. :3 This blog post will be dedicated to my second big activity for The Big Draw. On October 8, my colleague Ineke and I were asked to give a university course about my PhD project, "Picto". Picto is a text-to-pictograph and a pictograph-to-text translation system designed for people with a cognitive disability. Want to know the best part? We actually gave this university course to people with a cognitive disability! Best students ever. I swear.

Of course, this "university course" was an interactive one. :D I prepared several puzzles, games, and brain teasers, and we allowed the students to guess the meaning of various Sclera pictographs. The students clearly had a lot of fun (and so did I)! They all left the building with a big smile on their faces. I couldn't ask for more. I'm incredibly motivated to continue working on this project!

I will upload the final part of my The Big Draw blog series next week, but you can still expect another drawing or two this weekend. :) Hope to see you again!


Picto university course, October 2015

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